Presidential candidates don’t get it…

Posted by on Mar 13, 2016 in Featured, Processes | 0 comments

VA PictureI was watching the debates the other day and one of them brought up the fact that the Veteran’s Administration was performing poorly helping out the veterans. The candidate stated that when he becomes President, this wouldn’t happen- he would get in there and start firing people to fix the problem- make people accountable!

As we all know, 90% of the problems with an organization is with the system or the leadership- not the people! What he will do is just increase FEAR at the VA and people will quit because they all know the process is the problem and not them. They wake up in the morning wanting to do a good job and help the veterans, but the system beats them down.

If I were President, I would be changing the SYSTEM so that we would have high quality service. We would then have higher morale at the VA and better service for the Vets.

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