Performance Reviews have got to go!

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This is a great article that I totally agree with:

HARRY HERTZ  |  03/01/2016

Even before the landmark publication of In Search of Excellence in 1982, bosses realized that operational excellence gets accomplished through dedicated employees. Yet, to this day, many organizations stifle high performance through the annual performance evaluation process for each employee. This problem is twofold, and the solution is in every organization’s grasp, but it requires a changed approach to engaging employees.

The twofold problem, as I see it, is

1. The annual performance review concept and process
2. The pay-for-performance compensation system

In recent years, this topic has been addressed in various forms by publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and The Huffington Post, which run the gamut from financial/business to academic and popular news. I’ll address the twofold problem here by explaining what creates the challenges, and provide supporting data, then conclude with the solution that an increasing number of organizations are adopting.

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